About OBTS

"Why isn't there a macOS security conference?!" we mused... and thus "Objective by the Sea" (OBTS) was born!

OBTS, is the world's only macOS security conference, which brings together the worlds top macOS security researchers and passionate mac users in stunning tropical locations.

Read, "An Ex-NSA Hacker Organized the 1st-Ever Mac Security Conference"

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Objective by the Sea
What's to like about OBTS? Lots!

Consistently, OBTS attracts world-class speakers who present cutting-edge macOS & iOS security research topics.

OBTS brings together passionate security researchers, students, and mac users.

Moreover to foster the community and increase accessibility, the conference doesn't charge a conference fee for students, local attendees, nor supporters (patrons) of Objective-See.

Each year, the conference supports a local charity by thru merchandise sales. Of such sales, 100% of sales (not just profits) are donated to the charity.

And! Objective-See matches 100% of this money earned, meaning the charity receives 2x!

Come Join the Fun!