Safety First!

Safetly of our attendees is paramount!
We're taking the following steps to protect our attendees:
  • Conference attendance is limited to ~100 people.
    The conference talks will be held in a large room capable of holding more than 2x this amount of people, such that social distancing can be achieved.

  • All attendees must be fully vaccinated.
    At badge pickup, we will be checking for proof of vaccination! Moreover mask wearing will be required during the conference.

  • Other conference events, such as the party will be hosted outside!

Hawaii Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Please also note that Hawaii has several Covid-19 safety protocols in place, including ones specific to any/all visitors! The State of Hawaii's Covid Portal is the definitive source on latest information:

Currently the following protocols are in place:
  • Vaccines:
    Good news, with proof of vaccination you can travel to Hawaii without the need for a negative test nor the need to self quarantine.

    However you must register with Hawaii's "Safe Travel" program and upload your vaccination documents and trip details prior to arriving in Hawaii. To register, and for more information, see:

    Once you register, if your airline has a "Pre Clear" program, you may be able receive clearance via the airline at check-in/boarding time ...and avoid the "vaccination check" lines when arriving! (This is highly recommended, as it can be a significant time-saver).

  • Masks:
    Since the start of the pandemic, Hawaii has required masks indoors. This is still in effect today.